traitements anti rides pour la trentaine

Thanks to the incredible advances in cosmetic surgery, going under the knife is no longer the only way to maintain a youthful appearance. Today, minimally invasive, non-surgical anti-aging treatments, such as filler or neuromodulators, offer young patients an excellent option for keeping their youthful appearance while potentially preventing early signs of aging.

Wrinkle treatments in your thirties aim to soften wrinkles and highlight your best features. If you want to maintain your skin’s radiance and a youthful appearance, here are three treatments to prevent wrinkles in your thirties.

Hyaluronic acid filler injections

Filler injections in the thirties aim to subtly correct deepening nasolabial folds, loss of volume in the cheeks, bags under the eyes, and the onset of puppet lines or frown lines.

Thanks to its fast-acting properties and natural ingredients, hyaluronic acid is increasingly popular with young patients.

How does it prevent the aging process? The fillers will increase your collagen production in the long run, keeping your skin vibrant and youthful.

Some of the great benefits of hyaluronic acids:

  • It has the composition of a substance naturally present in the body, so there is no risk of an allergic reaction
  • Long-lasting results (12 to 18 months)
  • Minimally invasive
  • No surgical risk
  • Patients can see immediate changes in their skin

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In the past, people who started neuromodulator therapy in their late thirties were considered young. Studies have shown that prevention works better.

Thus the results obtained are more natural if started earlier. The quantity of products is less for younger patients.

Certain expression lines begin to set in; the frown line (between the eyebrows) is often the first to appear. Neuromodulators are proving to be the ultimate preventive and corrective solution.

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Photorejuvenation through intense pulsed light (IPL) and Elos technology

Photorejuvenation treatments are non-invasive and painlessly deliver multiple wavelengths of light that seek out and destroy both dark spots and the capillaries that cause couperose. As a result, photorejuvenation treats corrects and improves the skin’s texture and pigmentation.

On the other hand, Elos’s radiofrequency reduces fine lines. It stimulates new collagen production and tones up the existing one, giving your skin a more toned and firmer appearance as well as an even complexion.

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We hope that this information about these three treatments to prevent wrinkles in your thirties will enlighten you.

A consultation with Dr. Bernier remains the best way to support you in treating signs of aging. During this consultation, an in-depth assessment of your facial skin will allow us to develop a tailor-made treatment.

Thanks to her expertise in all wrinkle treatment techniques, Dr. Bernier will guide you towards the most appropriate solution.