Legal Notice

The information on this site is intended for Quebec residents and is provided for general guidance only. Every effort has been made to keep the information up-to-date and accurate, but given the risks associated with electronic communications and constant changes to the law, errors may occur.

This information is provided without the services of Dr. Elise Bernier’s Center for Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine. being retained (by consultation or otherwise). A treatment plan can only be done after a consultation (including a complete physical examination) with Dr. Elise Bernier.

The information obtained on the website should not be seen as a specific medical opinion or recommendation. It is not a substitute for a consultation or a physical examination by Dr. Bernier. Each application must be treated individually so that the appropriate treatment is provided.

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Risks associated with the use of email

Please note that our email communications are for information purposes only and do not constitute a consultation or diagnosis.

Electronic communications cannot substitute for in-person communication, on the phone, or clinical exams. It is the patient’s responsibility to keep track of the physician’s electronic communications and make appropriate appointments.

We cannot guarantee the response time but we strive to respond within 24 hours. In case of emergency, contact the clinic directly.

Dr. Elise Bernier offers patients the opportunity to contact her by email. Clinic staff members have access to the information contained in electronic exchanges.

The transmission of information relating to patients, however, poses several risks to which the patient must be informed. The patient must not commit to emailing Dr. Elise Bernier without understanding and accepting these risks, which include but are not limited to:

  • It is impossible to guarantee the confidentiality and the security of the communication by electronic mail.
  • Despite reasonable efforts to protect personal information and ensure the security of electronic communications, it is not possible to fully secure this information.
  • Employers and online services have the legal right to inspect and store emails received and transmitted through their systems.
  • It is easier to falsify an email than a document written by hand or signed. In addition, it is impossible to verify the true identity of the sender or to ensure that only the recipient can read the email once it is sent.
  • E-mail can carry viruses and infect computer systems, which can damage the computer or disrupt its operation.
  • An email may be redirected, intercepted, broadcast, stored or even altered without Dr. Elise Bernier or the patient’s knowledge or authorization. Email senders can easily make mistakes in addresses, resulting in unintentional mailings to many unknown recipients.
  • The email is indelible. Even after the sender and recipient have deleted their email messages, there may be backup copies on another computer or in cyberspace.
  • Electronic communications may be disclosed under a reporting obligation or court order.