Dark circles and under-eye hollows

traitements des cernes et creux sous les yeux - Dre Elise Bernier

Dark circles and hollows can be a real problem for young and mature patients. The eyes, and by extension the look, are one of the most visible parts of the face, so it’s only right that we try to take care of them. Some solutions offer an immediate effect to correct dark circles and under-eye hollows. Additionally, there are a few preventative measures you can take.

Dark circles and under-eye hollows: what are they?

The appearance of hollows may be due to a loss of the fatty cushions under the eyes, contributing to youthfulness. But they can also appear following the displacement of the small fatty cushions located behind the eyes and whose role is to protect the eyes. 

 At the same time, where there is a mountain, there is also a valley. This accentuates the appearance of under-eye hollows. This means that bags and dark circles sometimes go hand in hand.

Pockets, also known as fatty hernias, can be hereditary and thus appear as early as the twenties.

As for dark circles, it is essential to know that the skin under the eyes is the thinnest in the human body. It sits directly on the muscle because there is not, as elsewhere, a layer of fatty tissue between the skin and the muscle. Thus, by transparency, the red colour of the muscle appears rather brownish through the skin. Therefore, ageing due to thinning of the skin accentuates this phenomenon.

Thanks to non-invasive aesthetic medicine, it is now easy to get rid of dark circles and under-eye hollows for many months thanks to hyaluronic acid filling injections and thus give a boost to your face.

What causes dark circles and under-eye hollows?

There are several reasons for this.

  • There is, of course, the toll the years have taken.  
  • In addition to age, there is a genetic predisposition that can cause dark circles and under-eye hollows. It may be a reduction in collagen production that occurs early in your family or some other problem that causes it to appear. Genetic predisposition is therefore not to be ignored.
  • Other factors such as lifestyle can influence the appearance of dark circles. Lack of sleep can also be a significant factor. The less the epidermis rests, the deeper the dark circles become.

How to prevent dark circles and under-eye hollows

You should not wait for dark circles to appear before taking precautions, even if you have a genetic predisposition.

  • The first thing to do is to review your diet. Include foods rich in antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins A and C, and magnesium. Each of the nutrients, especially the antioxidants, promotes collagen production, which is beneficial in every way for your skin.
  • Be sure to get plenty of sleep so that all the cells in your face regenerate and collagen production does not become dysfunctional. Here again, the notion of restorative sleep makes its appearance to remind us that the body needs rest to reflect a beautiful appearance.
  • It would help if you also stayed hydrated throughout the day. To do this, drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. UV rays accelerate the ageing of the skin. So use sunscreen if you have to stay in the sun for a long time.  To protect your eyes, wearing sunglasses would not be a luxury either.
  • Above all, don’t forget to have good sleep hygiene at night to give your cells time to regenerate.

How to treat them?

Hyaluronic acid injections could revitalize your cells if you have dark circles and hollows. This non-invasive solution will contribute to the elasticity of the skin and will give the impression of filling in the dark circles from the first injection.

Hyaluronic acid is currently the only filling agent approved for the hollows under the eyes. Its synthetic version is accepted by the body for a very effective filling of under-eye hollows. Furthermore, its water retention capacity is spectacular.

Is it painful?

Hyaluronic acid injections are not painful.  As proof, no anesthesia is used. Some tingling is felt during the treatment, but nothing insurmountable. Also, after the session, it is possible to have sore dark circles, but nothing serious.


How many sessions are required?

The eye area is special for two reasons.

Firstly, hyaluronic acid retains more water in that area, which is why two sessions are required.
During the first session, the doctor will make a slight correction of the hollows. Then a second visit is required, 7 to 10 days later, when the HA has reached its full potential. This session will allow the fine-tuning of the correction.

Secondly, the durability is far superior to that of other facial sites. The effects last from 12 to 18 months, and sometimes a few years.

Any side effects?

The same as all types of injections: sensitivity, bruising.
The most important thing regarding the eye area is to know how to dose the volumes and, above all, to know the anatomy well to avoid vascular accidents.

This area should be reserved for expert physicians.

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